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President Robert Mugabe Prepares Wife, Grace As Successor

President Robert Mugabe has consented to turn the Zanu PF yearly gathering set for December into an additional conventional congress setting the phase for what could be the last nail into Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s box and the height of his better half Grace into the decision party presidium.

Zanu PF national commissar Savior Kasukuwere supposedly presented the issue of an additional customary congress while exhibiting his answer to the gathering’s politburo on Wednesday however it turned out the G40 boss had just counseled three regions.

“Mugabe said it would be un-procedural and requested the commissariat to ensure all territories are counseled. There will be common organizing advisory group gatherings to consider the issue starting this end of the week.

“The extra-ordinary congress is set to consider changes to the constitution to bring back the provision for a woman deputy president or introduce a third vice president,” an insider privy to the issue said.

“The issue of the president is fait accompli but the internal succession wrangling and he (Mugabe)’s age have forced the leadership to consider several options. Remember Grace wants power and has been demanding that she be made vice president in Mnangagwa’s steady”.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo has refused to comment on the issue of an extra-ordinary congress.

Mugabe, two months ago, asked Zanu PF members to consider introducing a third vice president. This was after his sharp tongued wife had demanded that the veteran Zanu PF leader announce his preferred successor during a heated meeting of the women’s league national assembly.

“If Zanu PF is calling for an extra-ordinary congress to reaffirm Mugabe’s leadership then there is nothing more stupid than that. It does not make sense because Mugabe does not require a congress to fire Mnangagwa unless he wants to hide behind such a process to claim he has a new mandate to reconstitute the politburo which he can do now. It would be a waste of time and resources unless they have something up their sleeve we are not aware of,” Ruhanya said.

“Special Congress or no Special Congress, Zanu PF and its members should know that after President Mugabe, no leader will be endorsed without teething contestations that are likely to see its demise. Whoever will take over after Mugabe will preside over a tattered party. There will be vicious authoritarian breakdown”.

Contacted for comment on the issue, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu called the move a non-event.

“Really, we are not bothered what happens in Zanu PF. The majority of Zimbabweans would wish for day when Zanu PF crushes and burns. That fascist political outfit has brought so much misery and suffering to the people of Zimbabwe through decades of rampant corruption, brutal political oppression and unprecedented mismanagement of the national economy.

Mugabe might be hatching a plan to step-down as national president and remaining party leader. That way he would become president emeritus allowing him to secure his family interests,” Rusero said.

Rusero said, however, this scenario is unlikely arguing Mugabe has all the power to do what he wants without resorting to extra-ordinary congresses.

“Whatever the case we have to acknowledge that Mugabe is way ahead of everyone in terms of tact and has been like that since the 1970s when he took power in Zanu PF. Mugabe remains the winner while the rest are losers begging for his benevolence to remain politically relevant,” said Rusero.


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