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Popular SA Singer Jennifer Ferguson Shares How She Was Assaulted By SA Football Coach Danny Jordan

South African artist and ex-MP Jennifer Ferguson has blamed the nation’s football supervisor Danny Jordan, 66, of assaulting her about 24 years ago.

He “overwhelmed” her and “horrendously” assaulted her in an inn in Port Elizabeth city, she has affirmed in a blog.

Presently living in Sweden, Ms Ferguson said she had been moved by the #MeToocampaign via web-based networking media to stand up.

She said the assault occurred when she was “high and glad” after her surprising selection by Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC) gathering to serve in South Africa’s first equitably chose parliament in 1994.

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Mr Jordaan, a prominent member of the ANC and president of the South African Football Association, came to her hotel suite after she had given a performance at a dinner.

“He overpowered me and painfully raped me. It must have been over in about 20 seconds although it felt like a lifetime,” she alleged.

“He left immediately without saying a word.”

Ms Ferguson said she had been “bewildered” and in a state of “complete shock”.

“Not sure what to do, I washed and left the hotel and began to walk. I reached the beach and sat there a very long time trying to process what had happened,” she said.

“The thought of going to the police felt intolerable. What would I say? Should I have screamed louder? Fought him off harder? Had I been complicit in some way? All these questions raged in my mind. I wept.”

She accused the football boss of using her as “an object for his sad need for power and twisted gratification”.

“I am not speaking out to get revenge on Danny Jordaan or a million South African men like him. I am doing this so we can help each other be courageous, speak out and begin to heal as we find we are not alone,” she added

Ms Ferguson campaigned against military conscription during white-minority rule in South Africa.


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