Political Parties In SA React To Developments In US election

As the race to the White House continues in the United States, many across the world wait in anticipation of who will be the next United States (US) president. So far, all indications are that Joe Biden might beat incumbent president Donald Trump and lead the US for the next four years.

For South Africa, these elections are important as many hope that relations between the two countries will continue to improve.

Tensions simmered in the United States when incumbent President Donald Trump called for vote counting to be halted after claiming that the election had been rigged.

His rants sparked protest action which has seen the arrest of at least 50 people in New York. Protesters demonstrated in Manhattan demanding a thorough count of ballots.

Reports say police also clashed with protesters in the city’s West Village.

Concerns about development in US

However, these developments are seen as childish by the Congress of the People. “It’s very unprofessional and childish if Trump is going to court and he was making a very serious mistake in declaring his party as already the winner, now he is threatening with the court. It’s very childish and not professional to do that,” says the party’s spokesperson Dennis Bloem.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has reiterated its stance on the US. The party says it does not care about the United States as it has no foreign policy that shows interest in strengthening relations with the African content.

“Trump is a cry baby, he must accept defeat. If he’s defeated he must accept. The same with Biden, if they are defeated, they must accept. They are the first world; they cannot be talking about the rigging of elections now because they are supposed to be a sophisticated world, they have the most sophisticated electoral systems which will not allow rigging,” says EFF leader Julius Malema.

The African National Congress (ANC) says it is important for South Africa to continue to have good relations with the US. This is to get more exposure to how countries like the US tackle the issues of unemployment and continue to have a thriving economy.

However, party spokesperson, Pule Mabe says both presidential candidates must accept the outcomes of the elections.

“We are expecting a lot from an advanced democracy such as the US, and we expect those that have placed their names for candidature in the US would also do everything possible in their power to respect processes and participate honestly and truthfully and display their willingness to accept the outcomes even if they don’t reflect their wishes.”

Both presidential candidates have taken to social media to express their views about the US elections. Joe Biden says: “Victory is certain in these elections, across the United States of America.”

In a tweet earlier, Donald Trump went as far as threatening to leave the US if Biden won the election.

With vote-counting now almost in the final stages, the fate of both candidates lies squarely in the hands of the American people.

Counting continues

The battle for the White House between Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden is still on. Counting continues in key states in the US elections as SABC Correspondents, Sherwin Bryce Peace in New York, Nick Harper is with the Biden campaign in the state of Delaware, and in the studio, SABC News Foreign Editor, Sophie Mokoena unpack it:


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