Political Leaders Must Listen To Citizens Opinion

Black South Africans jam a road in Cape Town, March 30, 1960, on their way to demonstrate in front of a police station in protest against the jailing of their leaders. Police arrested more than 100 leaders of political parties opposed to the government's racial policies in a series of pre-dawn raids. (AP Photo)

The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation(CSVR) says political leaders must listen to the masses.

At least two people are reported to have died in widespread looting said to have been sparked by Thoko Didiza‘s appointment as the African National Congress’s (ANC) mayoral candidate.

Speaking on AM Live, CSVR Executive Director, Nomfundo Mogapi says political leaders should have invested in communicating and engaging with communities.

“We have to make sure at local level there is engagement with people and the masses at a political level, the violence is an indication of the people who are feeling that the existing system is not able to hear and understand their frustrations.”

Mogapi says criminal elements get power if the masses are agitated and they feel their leaders are not hearing them. “You only strip them of their powers when you go beyond them and listen to the masses.”

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