Picture Hanging 101: How To Hang A Picture Frame Like A Pro

Nothing is more regrettable than a photo hanging simply topsy turvy, or boring an opening in your wall to discover that it’s not in the perfect place…

Here are a few hints that will enable you to get your walls to picture idealize the first run through, each time:
1. Planning is everything
Choose the picture you want to hang and choose exactly where you want to hang it (it might help having an extra pair of hands around to help you hold the picture to the wall and move it around). Are you hanging this picture along with other pictures? Then plan where you will hang all of them first before you start committing to wall space.

Now it’s time to see what tools and hardware you’re going to need, and to buy or find these elements. Are you using nails or picture hooks? Chat to someone at your local hardware store if you have questions.

2. Eye level
A good rule of thumb is to hang a picture so that your eye meets the picture about ¾ way up. This is subjective, however, and it will depend on furniture, wall height, and how tall you are.


3. Measure and mark
Now that you have decided how and where to hang your pictures, the next task is to measure your art work. Measure the length and breadth of the picture, and find the middle – which is where you’d want to balance it. Mark these measurements on the wall. Now turn the picture around on a flat surface and pull up the picture wire, if it has one. Measure the distance between the taut wire and frame, and mark that on the wall. This is where you will place your hook or nail on which you will hang the picture.

4. Time for action!
You may now do the fun stuff and drill a hole in the wall, or knock it a nail with confidence that your picture will look extremely neat when it hangs on your wall.


Written by How South Africa

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