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IN PHOTOS: Meet Mpho Khati, The South African Girl With The Best Hips In The World


I mean without the fillers and all, this South African beauty could pass as the proud owner of the best hips you have ever laid your eyes on.

Our very own Mpho Khati is obviously blessed with one of the best hips in the world that will leave you drooling with bulgy eyes if you ever pass her on the road.

Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder, but I can assure you that no one beholds this perfect posterior without acknowledging the beauty behind it.

Mpho Khati keeps wowing her Instagram followers with beautiful pictures of her mountainous posterior which got some asking; is this the table mountain that South Africa is famous for?

From the ancient, the old and the modern, we are yet to see any of the popular South African celebrities who can actually hold a candle to this curvy African beauty.

Apart from the hips, her backside is also well contoured with the right amount of meat positioned at the right places. She also has a beautiful face and a spotless skin to go with the beautiful hips.

Apparently, the creator was in a jolly good mood the day she was created as it seems she was not created in a hurry.


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