Parents Watch Your Words!!! Read This Girl’s Heartbreaking Letter To Her Mum

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When you’re disciplining your little ones, it’s hard to avoid getting caught up in the heat of the moment when they argue back.

But this letter written by a nine-year-old shows that kids can take passing comments to heart – even if we really don’t mean them.

The Unmumsy Mum received the letter from another parent and posted it on her Facebook page , where she explained that Ellie and her mum got into a fight when she refused to tidy her room.

Ellie had declared she wanted to be sold on eBay (because she didn’t want to be part of the family) and, in the heat of the moment, her mum had said that ‘nobody would buy her’.

Then, Ellie wrote this letter to her mum:

After apologising, Ellie writes a couple of lines which will break all parents’ hearts: “…the fact you said no-one would buy me really shattered my heart. At least now I know how ashamed you are of me.”

Kids really do know how to make you feel guilty, don’t they?

The Unmumsy Mum explains that thankfully ‘the shattered heart is now mended’, so Ellie and her mum have definitely made up.

It prompted other parents to share their examples of unusual letters they’ve received from their kids – and one was described as ‘pure genius’.

Lisa Smith wrote: “My daughter drew a lovely picture and one Sunday lunch time got myself, my husband and my parents to write our signatures on the back (can’t remember the reason she came up with?)

“She then proudly unfolded the rest of the sheet on which she had written that her sister was to be adopted and that we had all signed to agree.”

Another mum, Emma Bennett, shared a photo of a ‘to do’ list she had discovered in her nine-year-old son’s room detailing how to escape from the house.


Source: Mirror


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