Parents Warned To Monitor Behaviour Of Their Children

The KwaZulu-Natal Social Development Department has urged parents to be on the look out for any behavioural changes in their children.

This follows the discovery of a drug laboratory at Chatsworth south of Durban which has been producing drugs that look similar to jelly babies sweets.

The drug laboratory produces drugs called Jelly Babies and looks like jelly baby sweets and, is suspected to be sold to primary school learners.

The new drug has hit the streets of Durban, it is soft and round shaped and comes in an assortment of bright colours to lure unsuspecting children and is said to contain a concoction drugs.

KwaZulu-Natal Social Development MEC Weziwe Thusi says parents should talk to their children about the dangers of using drugs.

Thusi says: “We’re so thankful to our police for arresting those people but we want to say to the communities, let us all work together. Especially parents, let’s all work together in making sure that we take care of our children. We give time to spend with our children. If we notice any changes with your child. Parents must sit down with their children and make sure that they talk about the dangers of abusing drugs. Parents must also be part of the fight against drug abuse.”

KwaZulu-Natal Hawks spokesperson Simphiwe Mhlongo says they have confiscated the drugs and sent them to their laboratory to test them and determine its impact on human beings.

Mhlongo says, “The drugs were sent for testing in order to determine what ingredients they are putting in as well as what impact do they have on the body of a person who is taking that particular drugs or alleged sweets.







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