The Overall Definition Of A Man

A Man Is Not Defined By His Possessions or His Career. A Man Is Defined By His Accomplishments and His Purpose.

“The call to manhood is the same regardless of race, color, language, culture, upbringing, or the life we currently lead.” – Rhett Smith.

In most part of the world, it is an unspoken rule that men are and have always been the superior of the two dominant genders. Thereby, the boy child has been thought to take responsibilities… to man up and show as little emotion even when physically hurt.


But most men today feel as though they’ve been cast aside, caught in a maelstrom of confusing and often contradictory indicators and messages. With fewer distinct role models in their lives to provide guidance and society in such flux, economically and socially, men are frequently flailing between what makes them and what defines who they are. They berate everything and everyone that makes them inferior. They see things in only black and white, good and evil in people. When a man ought to look out for other shades of color before concluding.

Men are told that the modern ideal for masculine beauty is a more feminine look; finer features, less body-hair in certain places, and reducing the caveman act. Modern men are supposed to be more secure and in touch with their emotions and willing to show vulnerability, yet those who cross some vague and undefined line are mocked for being too “girly” and “sensitive”.

Whether men are being told to be more like women or to be less like women, all that does is continue to play masculinity against femininity in an attempt to define manhood based on surface behaviors. At its core, though, being a man isn’t about being more masculine or feminine – it’s about no longer being a child.

It is not just about growing up and taking responsibility for yourself. It’s also about valuing ‘something’ and making ‘it’ a priority. If you want something to change, work on changing it. If getting what you want is hard and requires making sacrifices, do it.

And in Addition:

A Man Does Not Fear Failure

A Man Does Not Make Excuses

A Man Takes Responsibility

A Man Has A Duty To Become His Best Self

A Man Acknowledges His Limitations, Even As He Strives To Overcome Them

A Man Is At Peace With His Emotions.

A Man Does Not Define Himself or Others By Number of Se*ual partners

A Man Has Respect For Others

A Man Welcomes Equality

A Man Accepts Who He Is With Honesty and Integrity



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