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Over 22,000 South Africans Fined For Not Wearing Mask – Bheki Cele

Leaving home without your mask could set you back up to R1 000 under the Disaster Management Act.

And for more than 20 000 South Africans the mask faux pas has already proven costly.

Police Minister Bheki Cele said since the National State of Disaster was first declared, 22 815 people had paid admission of guilt fines.

In terms of the act, South Africans can face hefty fines varying between R1 000 and R5 000. The fines also vary from province to province.

Western Cape police spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana said police had been mandated to hand out fines to taxi owners or operators, managers or owners of a building and employers.

In the Western Cape, an admission of guilt fine of R500 will be issued if you’re not home by the 10pm curfew.

Exercising before 4am will result in a R500 slap on the wrist and if you are caught at a gathering after the 10pm curfew, you will have to cough up R2 000.

In Gauteng and KZN, making a misrepresentation that any person is infected with Covid-19 would result in a fine of R3 000, failure by a driver or operator of any form of public transport to take reasonable steps to ensure a passenger wears a mask will see the driver issued with a fine of R1 000.

Failure by a manager or owner of a building, used by the public to obtain Failure by an employer to provide every employee with a cloth mask or allow an employee to perform any duties or enter the premises without a mask will cost the employer R1000.

Failure by a school principal to ensure that the school has sufficient masks, will cost the principal R500.

Being part of an illegal gathering during the national state of disaster, will see a R1000 fine issued.

Anyone who attends or hosts a night vigil will have to fork out R500.

All sports clubs are to remain closed and fines of up to R3 000 can be issued for contravention.

In Gauteng, publishing any statement to deceive any person about Covid-19 will set you back R2000. Intentionally infecting someone with the virus will result in a R5 000 fine.


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