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Omg!! See How Celebs Blasted Limpopo Pastor Over His Weird Miracle, What Unathi Said Will Shock You

This comes after a picture of Limpopo prophet Lethebo of Mount Zion General Assembly spraying Doom on members of his congregation went viral on Monday.

The prophet and members of his congregation believed that the ‘blessed’ insect repellent, had healing powers, after he had prayed over it.

In the wake of the ‘Prophet Doom’ controversy which caused widespread outrage, Unathi has become a subject of a meme currently circulating on social media.

Taking to Twitter Unathi shared the meme expressing disgust over it.

Some of Unathi’s fans also lambasted the meme.

Since the controversy hit news wires numerous high-profile personalities have lashed out over the entire situation.

Outspoken radio personality Gareth Cliff also shared his opinions on Instagram. “Courtesy of ‘Prophet’ Dickface, its Jesus Juice 2.0. Be careful out there, credulous people,” he said.


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