Nxasana,Former NPA Boss  Says Joubert Told Officials To ‘Dig Up Dirt’ On Him

Former NBA boss, Nxasana has put up claims that Joubert had told some officials to dig up dirt about him.

“This thing gained momentum until I got into office. I then learnt there were members in the NPA responsible for that. I received an unsolicited statement in the form of an affidavit from one member of the NPA, Terrence Joubert, who was a risk specialist in Durban,” Nxasana told the commission.

“He sent me an e-mail with an affidavit, where he was basically telling me that there was a campaign by Jiba to dig the dirt about me to embarrass me so that the president will then remove me as NDPP and she would then stand a chance of being considered.

“The affidavit said there were two police members assigned to the DPP in KZN who had received vehicles from the police’s provincial office, headed by Mmamonnye Ngobeni, and that those people were tasked with going around finding any dirt about me. He [Joubert] went as far as recording a conversation with Col Queen Mhlongo saying that Jiba had mandated her to go about digging dirt about me.”



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