If You Notice These Signs In Your Husband, He’s Definitely Thinking About Divorce

Feeling some distance between you and your husband lately? Getting reassurance that everything is okay while you know in your gut something is wrong?

Here are four subtle signs your husband may be thinking about divorce:

1. Flying solo

You should take notice if your husband has begun opting out of family bonding time. Your partner may decide to stay in or go on guy’s night instead of spending time with the family you’ve built together. This can often be a way to emotionally separate himself from the marriage. Don’t ignore patterns of physical and emotional distance between you and your husband. Everyone needs a day to themselves once in a while but divorce may be on the horizon when separation becomes the norm.

2. Reconnecting with old flames

With your choice of social media platforms, getting in contact with former flames is easier than ever. If you find your hubby reconnecting with people from his past your marriage may be in trouble. Rekindling old friendships is okay and pretty harmless. But if he is sharing intimate details of his life with former romantic interests, (especially if they are single or he is hiding it from you), your guy may be thinking about splitting up.

2. New uncommitted friends

Spicing up your life with new things isn’t unheard of in a marriage. In the movies a new sports car is the typical red flag of a male midlife crisis. But in reality, a man surrounding himself with non-committal men are the real worry. When a married man starts hanging around guys who are single or unfaithful to their own wives he is building a world that doesn’t support your union. He wants to be around people who are living out the sense of freedom he misses.

4. Hiding money

If you find your husband hiding money, your marriage is in real trouble. It’s a sign he doesn’t trust you and he might be getting ready to leave. Stashing money away will allow him to make a clean break so he can afford his own apartment, moving expenses, alimony or child support. In a happy marriage, all money is shared money. So if he sees this cash as only his he may be looking to be single again.

Sniffing out subtle signals of an impending divorce can be tricky. You don’t want to become paranoid and start conflict where there is none. But you don’t want to spiral into denial and be caught off guard once it’s too late. The earlier you find out what your husband is thinking, the more time you have to potentially work things out. If your husband isn’t actively working on staying connected he is letting your marriage slip away. So, when it comes to recognizing the signs, keep these four things in mind.


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