I Am Not Sick, Robbie Malinga Slams Health Rumours

Robbie Malinga the hitmaler, opens up on health rumours saying he is not sick

Back in June, fans of the music composer feared the worst after news broke out that Robbie had been admitted to a private hospital in Jozi. This followed an exhausting country tour with Idols winner Musa at the time. While doctors diagnosed he is suffering from anaemia, a deficiency of iron in his blood, it was obvious he needed rest.

“He has been traveling across the country for months without rest. He needs to take a break and look after himself. He is under strain but still works day in and day out,” said Universal Music spokesperson Dharam Sewraj at the time.

A few months after the artist hogged the headlines for the health scare, his name started trending all over again after a picture of him looking rather frail went viral.

The picture which was taken at a Metro FM listening session two weeks ago circulated on Facebook alongside rumours that Robbie’s health is worse than anticipated. In the picture, it’s quite obvious that Robbie Malinga suffered a dramatic weight-loss over the past few months.

As a result, people started spreading the rumour that he’s seriously sick. Nevertheless, Robbie’s manager Sipho Dube cleared all confusion regarding the Mthande hitmaker’s health, saying he’s doing just fine despite what social media users have been speculating. In fact, he said the hitmaker was working on a new album to be released later this month.

The Mthande hitmaker also set the record straight on the rumours about his health failing him. He confirmed that there’s nothing wrong with his health “I’m not sick. Let people talk, but I know that I’m fine,” he said. Robbie attributed the weight loss to the previous diagnoses with iron deficiency.


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