Nosiviwe Mabona: I Closed My Eyes & Swallowed Over 30 Pills

Gospel vocalist Nosiviwe Mabona experienced a turbulent time in her life a couple of years and endeavoring to end her life appeared like the main way out.

The gospel star told Drum that one night in 2015 while her children were asleep, she attempted to end her life.

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“I closed my eyes and swallowed over 30 pills. I tried to fall asleep but I couldn’t. I spent the whole night tossing and turning until I decided to drive myself to the hospital. God gave me a second chance.”

Nosiviwe explained that she wasn’t coping with married life and that all the difficulties she faced in her life overwhelmed her into hopelessness.

In late 2017, Nosiviwe told Dispatch LIVE that her latest song, Uyafumaneka, was meant to drive home a message of hope for people going through hardships.

The musician’s album, which was produced by Nqubeko Mbatha was her vehicle to share her story.

“We need to connect with God even when everything is working against us because I believe it is during those times that God is aligning us with his will.


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