North West Cops Hot on the Heels of Those Who Murdered Ahmed Kathrada’s Relatives

Police are working around the clock to arrest those who murdered two relatives of the late struggle icon stalwart Ahmed Kathrada.

Kathrada’s nephew Yunus Kathrada, 65, and his 28-year-old son, also Ahmed, were killed in their home in Schweizer-Reneke in the North West on Thursday night.

Police spokesperson Seargent Kelebogile Moleko said on Saturday morning that they were hot on the heels of the armed men who shot and killed the two family members.

The robbers had allegedly been in the yard to rob the house.

Yunus, who was a Muslim cleric in the area, was shot in his home while battling with the armed men who had shot his son.

Moleko said on that fateful night, Yunus’ son had arrived from the mosque when he was accosted by

armed men.

“The son was opening a burglar door to the house, when he was ambushed. The armed men shot him once in his chest. His mother who was awake at the time heard the gunshot, then awoke her husband who was asleep.

Yunus quickly rushed to the scene and confronted the armed men, who also opened fire on him and shot in his head. The men later fled on foot without taking anything,” she said.

Yunus died on the scene while his son died in hospital.

Police are waiting for Yunus’ wife Feroza to fully recover to assist them in their investigation.

Moleko said the traumatised wife was taken to hospital following the killing of her loved ones.

“Everybody is in a state of shock,” said Ahmed Kathrada Foundation spokesperson Neeshan Balton on Friday.

He had been on his way to the small town – the late anti-apartheid veteran’s birthplace – for the funeral later on Friday.

Police are investigating two cases of murder and attempted house robbery.


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