Nicole Kidman Ends Interview After Being Asked About Her Favorite Wig

During an interview, the actress Nicole Kidman spoke about her latest role in Destroyer.

In the film, Nicole’s appearance is drastically different with the help of make-up and a dark, short hairdo.

During their conversation, Jackie ‘O’ Henderson mentions a podcast that is reportedly dedicated to all the different wigs Nicole has worn in all her movies. The radio show host further refers to when Nicole refused which is her favourite wig, during a press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2018, Honey Celebrity reports.

Jackie then asks Nicole what her favourite wig has been.

In response Nicole says: “Well, I’m using my own hair now, so I think that’s probably my favourite, my own hair.”

The 51-year-old adds that the question was like asking her if she has a favourite child, and one she can’t answer.

She then abruptly ended the call, saying: “Anyway, I’ve got to go, because they’re waiting at the other radio station, which I better not say on your show.”

In hindsight, Jackie and her co-host Kyle Sandilands believe Nicole was under the impression that the interview was being conducted by a producer rather than Jackie herself.

“Do you know what I think has happened? She afterwards, after the interview, asked, ‘Was that Jackie?’ She thought it was someone else. She thought it was some other person interviewing her… Her people placed a call and said, ‘Why did you use a producer and not Jackie to do the interview?” Jackie said live on-air after playing back the interview.


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