Ngema Shows Up At Theatre Despite Removal From Show

Despite a removal notice served on him, Mbongeni Ngema, appeared at the Joburg Theatre on opening night on Sunday.

Last week, it was reported the icon who created Sarafina! was removed from his own production of the same show after allegations surfaced of sexual harassment and intimidation by him against a cast member.

Theatre management confirmed that Ngema and his assistant had been asked to step down and let his brother Nhlanhla Ngema take over.

According to a source who works for the production, Ngema attended the show with his wife Mpumi Gumede, who did the choreography and also went backstage.

“I was so mad when I saw him because he knew he was not supposed to be there,” said the source.

“The cast was intimidated by his presence,” said the source.

Another source said he came in and congratulated the cast.

“The guards gave him limited time and he couldn’t stay long,” said the source. .

Ntombi Mashaba of the Joburg Theatre said she didn’t know if Ngema was supposed to be there.

She later forwarded a statement which said the theatre fully upholds and protects the human rights, dignity, and safety of all who work there.

He said he was the director of the show by contract and Mbongeni was there to oversee the total production.

“I was not aware he went backstage, I was at the after-party,” he said.

Mbongeni’s wife Mpumi said: “I am shocked that there is such a story. I do not want to comment.”


Written by How South Africa

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