Gautrain-Tracking App Will Save Train Commuters From Being Embarrassed

The launch of GauRider 2.0 also conincides with the second anniversary of the app for iOS devices.

“The new GauRider user interface is crisper‚ optimised and refined with subtle animations to enhance user experience‚” a statement said.

Developer Litha Soyizwapi said he came up with the Smart Log System feature after seeing “many people being left behind because they don’t have enough money on their gold cards”.

“I thought it would be great to add a new feature in GauRider that enables Gautrain commuters to log their latest balance on the app at their check-ins or check-outs‚” said Soyizwapi.

“This will help them not only to track the train and bus times‚ but also track their money on their gold cards.”

“The app will give you a warning if you have logged less than the minimum amount required to board a bus or a train.”

A second new feature in the Smart GauSave Indicator‚ which‚ said Soyizwapi‚ “indicates in real-time how much is the train fare based on the current GauSave period”.

“GauSave represents different fare periods based on peak and off-peak periods. This feature will help commuters know how much they need to load or how much they are saving on their Gautrain trip.”

Soyizwapi tested the new features himself for “for over six months to ensure that they are stable and refined”.

“I hope this version will add real value and delight my fellow GauRiders‚ so that they can have a peace of mind. As an everyday user of the Gautrain service‚ I built GauRider for myself and for commuters who care about beauty‚ simplicity‚ and functionality‚” said Soyizwapi.

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