Netcare Hospital Sacks Nurse Over Facebook Reckless Comment About President Zuma’s Wife!!

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Jacob Zuma


A Netcare Linksfield Hospital nurse, Carmen Hartmann, has been fired after attacking President Jacob Zuma and his wife in a Facebook rant.

In a Facebook post, Hartmann revealed that Zuma’s wife no 4 visited the hospital for a plastic surgery.

She also slammed the first lady for visiting the hospital with very expensive black cars, thereby, preventing other paying customers from seeing their loved ones in the hospital.

The post, which has long been deleted read:

“So Zuma’s wife no 4 was admitted for? plastic surgery. 10 very expensive black cars plus cops on motorbikes protecting wife no 4 pitches up at the hospital.

Preventing other paying customers from seeing their loved ones in the hospital. I’m disgusted. We pay for his wife’s and his children. Why are they better than the tax paying South Africans.”

She also wished President Zuma death by adding “Zuma, you are a disgrace to this country. I wished it was you in the hospital dying of a heart attack [sic].”


Shortly after the post went viral over the weekend, the management of the hospital, on Monday, expressed disappointment with Hartmann.

They disclosed that among other transgressions, the nurse defied the healthcare code of practice by failing to maintain patient confidentiality.

In the health sector, professionals are usually not allowed to disclose a patient’s medical details to an outsider or the public without the patient’s approval.

Netcare Linksfield Hospital manager Louis Vanderhoven said in statement: “The employee in question has not only defied a code of practice adhered to throughout the healthcare world, she has also blatantly contravened legislation and our company policies and has behaved in a manner completely contrary to our values by breaching the sanctity of the commitment to maintain confidential all details about any patient.”

Vanderhoven also disclosed to reporters that Netcare chief executive Dr. Richard Friedland has written a personal letter of apology to Zuma and his wife expressing his deep embarrassment and shame for this “most regrettable incident”.

Meanwhile, Friedland says the matter will soon be reported to the South African Nursing Council and the South African Police Services.


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