‘Nelson Mandela Would Be Proud Of South Africa’s United Stance Against Zuma”- DA’s Mncwango

Nelson Mandela smiling


There were many marchers carrying placards in protest against President Jacob Zuma at the beachfront promenade.

Mncwango said Mandela would have been proud of the diverse following the march attracted.

“We are fighting the same battle. Some say this is an anti-Zuma campaign and some say they want a regime change. I am‚ like you‚ here because I love South Africa‚” he said.

“We have the choice to protect Zuma or protect the country and I have no doubt we will all choose the second.”

Mncwango said that the country faced an economic crisis.

“We enjoy democracy because South Africans united against apartheid. Today we unite against the Zuma.”

“We face a crisis. Only those with a sober mind can see this. Zuma loyalists cannot‚” he said.

“We need special classes for the ANC Youth League if they think junk status only affects the rich‚” Mncwango added.


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