NASA Started A New Program But South Africans Can’t Keep A Straight Face About It

NASA has started a new program but failed to consult South Africa when naming the POES project and now the internet can’t keep a straight face.

Okay, its not new, but it’s recently been found by South Africans and it’s bringing the giggly teenager out in all of us. It’s a serious operation that does incredible work, with a really silly acronym.

The Polar Operational Environmental Satellite (POES) Project is a reimbursable project for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The description on NASA’s official website explain that the POES project instruments provide critical operational climate data that is integrated into the weather prediction model used in developing current and extended weather forecasts.

“The POES collect global data on cloud cover; surface conditions such as ice, snow, and vegetation; atmospheric temperatures; and moisture, aerosol, and ozone distributions; and collect and relay information from fixed and moving data platforms. The instruments carried by POES measure energy levels in specific wavelengths, which are telemetered to the ground and input into complex software that generate the products.”

A quick twitter search shows that South Africans have been laughing about the name for a long time… but it only recently caught the attention of the masses.


Written by GR

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