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Top 20 Best Radio Stations In Africa

Even with the invention of the television, radios have remained a vital part of our lives – imagine driving your car without the stereo on. What makes the radio still important is the quality of stations, programs, and presenters that we listen to. Africa has thousands, if not running into millions, radio station all across it. Trying to sift through these numbers to list out 20 best radio stations is no small feat. Having a best radio station is subject to preference, so to avoid having a bias list; we randomly select the top radio stations all over Africa. In no particular order, here are the best radio stations in Africa.1. Radio Citizen FM – FM 106.7, Kenya
Broadcasted live from Nairobi, this broadcast radio station is one of the most tuned in stations in Kenya. They provide listeners with the latest news, entertainment, sports, finest African tunes, talk shows, and other information. Its official broadcasting language is Kiswahili – the country’s national language. The success of the radio station has been attributed to the very fact that it broadcasts its programs in a language that is readily understood by all and sundry.2. Peace FM – FM 104.3, Ghana
This is one of the most listened radio stations in the heart of Ghana. One popular show to reckon with is their morning show with presenter, Kwame Sefa-Kayi. The radio gives its listeners a variety of programs from local and international news, showbiz, politics, to sports.

3. Nile FM – FM 104.2, Egypt
Broadcasting from the country’s capital, Cairo, Nile FM is one of Egypt’s most listened radio stations. They offer programs that cut across all categories. You can listen to them online at www.nilefmonline.com/

4. Sheger FM – FM 102.1, Ethiopia
This radio station broadcast for 18 hours daily giving its listeners the best programs, music, news, and other features in Ethiopia. It is the first, privately owned radio station in Ethiopia. www.shegerfm.com/

5. Breeze FM – FM 99.6, Zambia
The radio station is located in Chipata and centers on three different kinds of radio broadcasting; public interest programming, community based, and as a commercial station. The radio station partners with BBC and broadcast for 24 hours each day. www.breezefmchipata.com/

6. Rhythm FM – FM 97.3, Nigeria
Just like in many other countries, there are lots of radio stations in Nigeria. Rhythm FM is one of the top choices for most Nigerian listeners. Their style of broadcasting has won the hearts of many with the way they cast news and run their programs. Their top presenters include IK Osakioduwa, Omalicha, Big Tyme, among others. Their in-house DJs (Humility and Sose) are always on deck to thrill one with the nicest local and international music hits. http://rhythm937.com/live

7. Clouds FM – 88.5 FM, Tanzania
Located in Dar es Salaam, the radio station is popularly known as “The Peoples Station”. Most of the radio broadcast program is predominantly in Swahili. It gives urban rhythmic entertainment to the young minds in the country’s capital. For their online radio, visit http://www.cloudsfm.co/page/listen-live

8. Radio Simba – 97.3 FM, Uganda
Broadcasting in Luganda, the station is located in Kampala. This privately owned radio station has been able to win the hearts of many; evident in their wide fan base. Visit http://www.simba.fm/

9. Ukhozi FM – 90.8 – 107.4 FM, South Africa
This is definitely one of the largest radio stations in the continent. It is estimated to have about 7.7 million listeners since its establishment. A majority of its programs are broadcasted in IsiZulu. They broadcast programs in several categories like sports, talk shows, weather, entertainment, drama, current affairs, etc. www.ukhozifm.co.za/

10. Radio Wave FM – 96.7 FM, Namibia
This is the country’s number one music radio station. It is located in Windhoek. They create an interactive session with their listeners by creating competitions. They also provide latest news. For the best of music, visit http://www.radiowave.com.na/

11. Chada FM – 100.8 FM, Morocco
If you live in Morocco or have been opportune to travel there, you would agree that this is one of their top radio stations. They broadcast programs from all categories; pop, culture, Arabic, dance, etc. You can almost listen to them 24 hours online at http://www.chadafm.net/

12. Radio Tiemeni Siantou – 90.5 FM, Cameroon
Its main broadcasting language is French. It is located in the country’s capital, Yaounde and broadcasts several program types like news, talk shows, and other informative programs. It is one of the country’s most popular online radio stations. You can listen to them at www.rtssiantou.net/home/radio

13. ZiFM Stereo – 106.4 FM, Zimbabwe
For the best local and international music, ZiFM stereo is a one-stop destination for people in Zimbabwe. It is the first privately owned radio station in the country. It is broadcasted from Harare. www.zifmstereo.co.zw/

14. Radio Vaovao Mahasoa – 106.8 FM, Madagascar
Located in Antananarivo, the radio station genre is mostly on Christian talk. It is broadcasted in several languages which makes it one of the most listened radio stations in the country. www.radiorvm.com

15. Canal A FM – 96.5 FM, Angola
This radio station broadcast news, culture programs, and sports. It is broadcasted from Luanda and has its programs in English, French, and Portuguese. Because of this, it is one of the most listened radio stations in Luanda. If you are looking for a radio station with excellent culture programs broadcasted in any of the aforementioned languages, go online at http://www.canal.fm/ for live programs.

16. Metro FM – 92.4 FM, South Africa
With an audience of over 3.1 million listeners, this radio station is the biggest urban commercial station in South Africa. They provide contemporary music to listeners. www.metrofm.co.za/listenlive/

17. Okay FM – 101.7 FM, Ghana
This is one of the most popular radio stations in Ghana. It is located in Accra and broadcasted in English. The station provides quality music programs from the shores of the continent, as well as world talk programs. Follow your favourite programs at www.okayfmonline.com/

18. Star FM – 96.6 FM, Gambia
Located in Sere Kunda, the station is a one-stop radio station for listeners looking for the best of Rock. They provide the very best in the Rock genre, both locally and internationally. It broadcasts its programs mainly in the English language. www.starfm.co.zw/

19. Wazobia FM – 95.1 FM, Nigeria
It is one of the most tuned-in radio stations in the country. This is because they broadcast programs in Pidgin English, which is an acceptable language by all and sundry in the country. You can check out their daily schedule at http://wazobiafm.com/lagos951/

20. SaFM – 107.1 FM, South Africa
With its headquarters located in Johannesburg, SAfm is a go-to radio station when looking for the latest news pieces in the country. They cover a wide range of programs but all on an informational level. You can always easily catch up with them at http://www.sabc.co.za/wps/portal/SABC/SABCRADIO


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