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Mystery!! Man Swallowed By Whale After Storm

This could well be another hoax from the World News Daily, but their report for a 56-year-old Spanish fisherman great escape, reminiscent of the Biblical tale of Jonah and the whale, found quite a few takers on social media.

According to the report on the “faux-journalism” site, Luigi Marquez was reported missing at sea after being thrown off his vessel during a violent sea storm. He was presumed dead after coastal guards found no signs of him during the search which lasted for days. Marquez claims he was swallowed by a whale — inside which he spent three days and three nights before being eventually flushed out. “This great beast swallowed me the morning after the storm,” the World News Daily quotes him. “It is the most frightening thing I have ever lived. Everything was pitch black and I was shivering cold.”

But the story is just too good, or should we say too bad, to be true.

The website is “dedicated on covering biblical archaeology news and other mysteries around the Globe”. This story will sure be another mystery.

– See more at: http://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-globally/man-swallowed-by-whale-survives-to-tell-the-tale/#sthash.VlLrOQUT.dpuf


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