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Must Read: Here Is All You Need To Know About Oncoplastic Surgery, The Best Solution To Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

A couple of decades prior breast cancer determination was decimating for women as appropriate treatment was not yet accessible to treat the condition.

In any case, there have been exceptional changes, which has brought about an expansion in the survival of patients because of extra medications, for example, chemotherapy, hormone treatment and the most recent to be included, oncoplastic surgery.

Educator Frank Graewe, Head of the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Stellenbosch, says that thirty years prior breast cancer surgery was direct: it implied having a mastectomy.

Educator Graewe says that plastic specialists ought to be acquainted with the majority of the diverse strategies so as to give an ideal restorative result.

“For me as the senior member and convener of such a team, it has been an eye-opener to see the iteration taking place between the radiation oncologist and the plastic surgeon,” says Professor Justus Apffelstaedt from the University of Stellenbosch.

Nowadays, lumpectomies, tumor excisions, segmentectomies, quadrantectomies, skin sparing mastectomies, mastectomies and other procedures belong to the armament of the oncologic surgeon.


How the surgery is performed

1. It involves a bilateral breast lift/reduction, which removes the breast tissue from the cancerous breast.

2. This process normally involves an incision around the breast, nipple and areola.

3. During the surgery it may be difficult for a surgeon to maintain blood supply to the nipple, which causes the nipple to be removed and replaced after the breast lift is complete. This process is called a “free nipple graft”.


What are the benefits?

According to John Hopkins Medicine, the benefits of having oncoplastic surgery, involve:

1. Having symmetric breasts after a lumpectomy.

2. No wound-healing issues occur with post-radiation surgery as surgery is completed prior to radiation.

3. The surgery does not require drains, meaning that a patient will only be required to spend one night and recovery time is 6 weeks.


And the disadvantages?

The only problem with oncoplastic surgery is the procedure results in nipple numbness and inability to lactate.


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