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Must Read For Men: 5 Foods That Can Give You A Stronger Erect!on!!

Forget all those s*x enhancing drugs you can actually improve your s*x life with some tasty foods, yes foods. Hard erect!on requires more than arousal, you also need foods that can produce more testosterone in your body and also foods that can help increase blood flow to your genital area which is important because of your reproductive mechanism.

Here are some foods that will make you have stronger erect!on on bed.

Bananas: This fruit gives your body the needed amount of potassium that keeps your heart healthy and improves your blood circulation which comes with a stronger erect!on.

Onions: They are heart healthy food that thin in the blood which makes your blood increase and will automatically help you get strong erect!on that will last for a long time.

Dark Chocolate: This is one of the best food for s*x, it arouses you from the inside which is very important for getting an erect!on.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is another good food for s*x because it fills the stomach, flushes it all bad fat and help you to be more energetic during s*x.

Wine: This works exactly like all the s*x enhancing drugs for men, it helps the blood vessels to expand for better erect!on.

Watermelon: This fruit have the ability to dilate your vessels for more blood to pump into the genitals



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