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Must Read For Girls: 4 Regular Activities That Can Break Or Stretch Your Hymen Without Going Pant Down

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Some of us were told that young women whose hymen are intact are called virgins. During puberty, young girls are advised to avoid s*xual penetration if they still want to keep their virginity.

Yes, we all know that s*xual intercourse (going pant down) may stretch or break the hymen. Even experts stated that after puberty, the hymen becomes quite elastic, this means that the hymen can easily stretch out and back again. But there are other activities besides going pant down that may stretch or break your hymen.

Here are few of them:

Physical activities: Sports activities like horse riding, bicycling or intense workout may also stretch the hymen. Some young women, especially in the  love tree climbing. Unknowingly, this activity may stretch or break the hymen if an accident occurs.

Masturbating: Experts stated that fingering may not tear the hymen, but this act may stretch the initial and naturally existing hole. Also, Inserting a large object ‘down there’ may also stretch or break your hymen.

Tampons: This is like your sanitary pads used to absorb monthly menstrual flow. Some young women prefer this to other sanitary products because it can easily be inserted into the opening of the vag!na. Experts noted that ”some women have one small opening in their hymen, while others may have a few smaller holes that could tear slightly and cause bleeding if a tampon is not carefully inserted.”

Doctors instruments: Surgical instruments used by doctors during surgical operation may also stretch or damage the hymen, if not used properly and carefully.


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