Must Read: 7 Nelson Mandela Foundation’s Criticizing Words For SA’s Government

president zuma sad
Jacob Zuma

The Nelson Mandela Foundation on Tuesday made the uncommon stride of reporting it underpins “the request to consider answerable those in charge of trading off our vote based state and plundering its assets”.

Here are 7 key quotes from the organisation representing the interests of South Africa’s first democratically elected president.

1. Schools … have deteriorated to unimaginable levels.

2. The potential collapse of universities will damage our democracy to its core.

3. What public discourse has described as ‘state capture’ by private and political interests is‚ we believe‚ a real threat to the Republic.

4. We are reaping the results of a political trend of personalising matters of state around a single individual leader. This … is to be deplored.

5. The ability and commitment of the Head of State to be a ‘constitutional being’‚ is one of the wheels of our state. …It is increasingly a national consensus that (President Jacob Zuma) has failed the test.

6. We have seen a weakening of critical institutions such as the South African Revenue Service‚ the National Prosecuting Authority and law enforcement bodies due to political meddling for private interests.

7. The vehicle of state must be protected and placed in safe and capable hands.


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