How Much Money Robbers Make In South Africa And How They Target You

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An interview with a notorious gang of robbers has shed some light on how crime  is committed in South Africa.

The Brackenfell Community Policing Forum said it obtained an interview with an alleged member of the ‘crowbar gang’ detailing their criminal activity including how they rob homes and how much money they make.

Sean McCleland of the Brackenfell Community Policing Forum, said they obtained the interview from a highly reliable source.

Who gangs target and when

“Monday night is burger night, buy one get one free at Spur. We drive past Spur to check how full the parking lot is; that means fewer people home. Tuesday night is pizza night and Wednesday is wacky Wednesday. Outside lights that are left on is an indication that no one is home and owners left very early when it was still dark. Avoid traffic times.

“The flashing blue light of the alarm by the door is a indication that the alarm is activated and no one is home. To confirm, we ring the doorbell. Sliding gates driveway with no vehicles make perfect cover to reverse into yard.”

According to the interview, which was reported in IOL, the suspect selects areas based on the selling prices of houses and levels of security in the area. Race was also a criteria in some instances.

So-called predominant white areas have more safes in their houses and invest their money in gold, jewellery, Kruger Rands – and most have a firearm safe with multiple firearms, the robber said.

They also indicated that houses close to exit routes are better, “and also areas situated closer to an informal settlement, in order to escape when police chase”.

Areas with increased neighbourhood watches are a risk.

How much money robbers make

The gang member said that they are well-dressed in order to match the vehicles they drive, and in order to blend into the area. The robbers allegedly earn approximately R8,000 per week.

“A team of three makes R8,000 each by Thursday when you start Monday, and that is only for TV sales. What a we call winning the lotto is when we find a safe with Kruger Rands, expensive jewellery and firearms.

“We sell them because I don’t like guns. Most white people hide lots of money in safes to avoid tax. The most I found was R150,000 including foreign currency.

“Most safes are in the main bedroom, in the clothing cupboard; some are not even bolted –  but bolts don’t work, you just hit it hard with hammer; put the crowbar behind and take it out the wall; run out with it, (and) open it when we get home with a grinder.”

The alleged thief said they make most of their sales to foreigners who pay well and take the stolen merchandise out of the country or sell them online. Firearms are sold in townships, they but declined to reveal how they disposed of Kruger Rands.

According to McCleland, the aim of the gang is to be out as quick as possible.

“They all use the same method, and there are many of these types of burglaries. The challenge we have in identifying them is the fact that we can’t identify vehicles.”

McCleland said that the cars used by gangs include VW Polos, Toyotas, BMWs and Mercedes, so as not to stand out in the area.




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