This Is How Much Of Your Money Government Has Wasted This Year

South African Rand Notes Bundles Stack

The South African public has been bombarded with media reports about government projects or branches using up millions, even billions of rands of taxpayers’ money.

These range from irregular and wasteful expenditure at provincial and municipal level, to infrastructure projects which often balloon well beyond their original budgets.

So when broken down, how much do these billions of rands translate to an individual’s direct exposure to them?

In 2015, BusinessTech broke down the costs for a number of scandals, including the widely publicized Nkandla saga, the Prasa Afro 4000 contracts, and e-toll guarantees.

Over and above 2015’s list, however, 2016 has added a few more high-profile scandals into the mix, most notably presidential planes and questionable Gupta contracts.

Here are six more cases of public spending or wasteful expenditure where taxpayers are footing the bill – and how much it is costing you.

For the calculations below, we used three groups of individuals: the bulk tax base, who account for almost 93% of all taxes; the SARS registered tax base; and South Africa’s eligible tax base.

Determining the exact number of taxpayers is a tricky affair. In 2015, union Solidarity found that approximately 3.3 million taxpayers paid 93% of all income tax in the country.

SARS has a registered tax base of around 15.4 million people – while the eligible tax base of South Africa (adults between the ages af 15 and 64) is at 33 million.

This is how much – in theory – that individuals paid in some of the more high-profile cases of public spending or wasteful expenditure in South Africa.



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