Mshoza Caught In-Between A Legal Battle

Mshoza’s Mom Passes Away

It is now emerging that Mshoza’s new husband Thukuthani Mvula, is married to another woman. The other woman in the triangle is his first wife, Duduzile Mvula.

Cases filed

Thukuthani is now to be served with sermons, to annul his marriage to Mshoza. She says, Thukuthani committed bigamy when he married without divorcing her, or asking her permission to take a second wife.

Duduzile has also filed for divorce, demanding half of their property.

Thukuthani on the other hand says he did not break the law.

“She left me five years ago, so what was I supposed to do because I’m a man? I even spoke to her father who said he didn’t know where she was living. She also refused to sign the divorce papers my lawyers sent to her.

“I don’t love that woman anymore and I don’t care where she lives. Whether she lives on the streets or in a shack is none of my business. But I’m looking after her, even the BMW she drives was bought by me.”

When asked to comment, Mshoza said: “Yes, my husband told me that that woman left him a long time ago. But she is refusing to sign divorce papers. I didn’t marry him for money. The BMW X6 that I’m driving is mine. I bought it with my own money because I have a trucking business. And as a musician, I get gigs. If she wants to go to court she can go, but my husband and I are happy together.”


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