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Moving Video Of Mama Elephant Thanking People For Saving Her Baby

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that there’s good in the world.

There’s been a lot of sad stories of human-elephant conflict in India, like the elephant calf set alight to dissuade elephants from coming near the village, but here’s one that will brighten your day with happy tears.

In a video posted by National Geographic, a baby elephant fell down a well in India, alerting villagers close by with its cries, its mother close by monitoring the situation.

They managed to get a rescue team out with a digger to make a pathway for the calf to climb out, but the best part is still to come.

As the baby got out of the well, you see its mother and the rest of the herd running towards the calf over a pond, reunited once again, and it’ll give you all the feelings.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! As the herd is about the walk back into the forest, the mother turns around and gives a salute to the people who helped free her baby.

I think we may have saved 2017 a little bit before the year is out.

Watch the emotional video below:

The elephant situation in India

Although this is a great example of compassion between two species, the human-elephant conflict in India is a worrying problem as the increasing human population continues to encroach on elephants’ territories, sparking violence on both sides.

Asian elephants are currently considered endangered according to the IUCN Red list, due to loss of habitat, human encroachment, poaching, and degradation.

The Wildlife Trust of India conducted a survey in August 2017 and found that although there are 101 corridors in India, only 20 of them are free from human settlements.

It was also found that road infrastructure interferes with these corridors throughout India, therefore hankering the species’s movement and growth.


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