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Nonhle Thema
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Nonhle Thema gushed as she opened up about how motherhood and her daughter, Star Phoenix Ivy Zime, has steered her life in a different direction and away from the spotlight.

Speaking to Move, the TV personality revealed that after welcoming her daughter, she stayed away from going out as often as she used to, explaining that staying home has given her the opportunity to bond with Star.

“I have grown up and being a mother has really changed me. I know that I have a great friend that I need to spend time with at home and that’s my Star,” she told the local publication.

“I no longer go out like I used to as I have be at home with my daughter so that we can bond. Being a single mom brought changes in my life and Star really inspired my growth.”

On Star’s third birthday last year, Nonhle took to Instagram to dedicate an awfully heartfelt message to her.

“My Princess I just want you to know I Love you with all my heart…3 years ago when I was pregnant with you mommy was going through a lot of pain in life…but you came and restored my soul and gave me a reason to live and be happy…I never knew I cud ever create life..But God showed me He was in charge of me and my body…since I gave birth to you Star I have seen life in a different light..You helped me heal all wounds I had and helped me find happiness..I Love You My daughter. .You changed my life in every way…Thank You,” she wrote.



Source: Times Live


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