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Moments With Chef Zola Nene

She’s known for tutoring individual basher Denise Zimba on well known show Wedding Bashers yet nowadays Zola Nene is carrying the warmth with her own cooking appear on Mzansi Magic.

Celeb Feasts with Zola is a 13-episode series that sees the local chef produce three recipes per episode while interviewing a guest and sharing tips with viewers.

DRUM caught up with her for a quick game of countdown.

5 minutes to make yourself something to eat – what will it be?

A cheese and tomato omelette – it’s a super quick and filling meal.

4 kitchen items you can’t live without?

Olive oil – I use it in pretty much everything. I’m obsessed with cheese, I love its taste and versatility, and eggs because it’s basically a meal inside a shell and you can do so much with them. I also always have wine in my kitchen because I enjoy a glass while cooking. Sometimes I use it in my recipes and with a meal.

3 people you’d love to invite for supper – and what would you cook?

[Author] Khaya Dlanga always starts the most interesting conversations on social media, so I think he’d be a fabulous, thought provoking guest. He also has the most infectious laugh, I’d love to hear it in person. I love and admire [food editor] Dorah Sithole. She always has such wisdom to share and I’d love to cook a meal for her. My final guest would be Oprah because I’ve always dreamt of meeting her. I’d cook my roast leg of lamb with my potato dauphinois, a side of my glazed carrots and sautéed greens. For dessert, it would have to be my frozen-yoghurt parfait.

2 things you love about being on Wedding Bashers are…?

My fellow bashers! We have the best time together. I also love meeting the wedding couple on their special day – to see people at their happiest is always such a wonderful moment.

1 celeb you’d love to feature on your new cooking show and why?

Somizi – I looooooove him! Everything about him – his drive, his ambition, his confidence, his charisma, everything. I know he loves food and cooking, so to cook with him would be such fun.



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