Moletsi Mbeki: Malema Is A “Black Racist” – EFF Hits Back

The land issue is such a “hot” subject that legislators and examiners are once in a while left yelling at the other in contradiction. The one side says this and alternate says that, now and again, it appears as though there is no center ground. For Moeletsi Mbeki, Malema is just stoking the fire.

Mbeki was speaking at the Nampo Agricultural Trade Show when he offered some comments on the ANC’s role with land expropriation without compensation.

“The ANC is using the land issue as a camouflage to attack the white population. It is supported and reinforced by the famous black racist, Mr Malema, who is very eloquent. He is actually now leading the ANC’s election campaign.”

“The ANC is totally mistaken. Black voters are very economically literate. They’re not interested in race issues. The reason they’re abandoning the ANC is precisely because its economic policies have failed.”

The younger brother of Thabo Mbeki then went on to label Malema a “black racist” and encouraged with South Africans to ignore the noise around land expropriation.

Unsurprisingly, the EFF was not at all happy with Mbeki’s comments. The party’s national spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, tore into the political analyst’s comments.

“He’s dancing to the tune of AfriForum in all characterisation. Simply because we want land to be redistributed, we’re labelled racist. Moeletsi Mbeki has been the most dishonest in that regard.”

Aside from pushing the land narrative forward, the EFF issued an ultimatum to the City of Tshwane on Wednesday regarding the removal of Paul Kruger statue.

The party says it will “demolish” the statue itself if the municipality does not take the necessary action. EFF members have stressed that the statue should be replaced with one of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.


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