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Model Loses Job After Cape Town Waitress Shares ‘Groping’ Video

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A local model who was caught on camera inappropriately touching a Cape Town waitress has issued an apology to her.

After two agencies announced they were terminating their contracts with Reyn du Preez, he took to Instagram on Tuesday to issue a public apology to his victim. 

“Dear Sarah and those affected by my behaviour, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest apologies for my actions the other night,” reads his apology.

“I am ashamed of how I acted and can only imagine how that made Sarah feel. It was a moment of bad character under the influence of alcohol and I truly did not mean to belittle her or make her feel violated. I am not here to make excuses, but to explain my actions and to publicly apologise.”

Du Preez said he would take the incident as a “life lesson” and take time to reflect on himself and “what type of person I want to be in the future”.

“I hope that Sarah can find it in her heart to forgive me and realize that everyone makes mistakes. May this be an example to all who have watched this video that we should treat each other with respect,” he added. 

The waitress, Sarah-Belgarion van Niekerk, made Du Preez’s act public after she took to her own social media platforms to share her ordeal with the Boss Models and Modelwerk model. 

She also posted a video of the alleged incident on social media. 

“So on Friday night I was at work (I am currently a waitress) … and I happened to be serving this man, Reyn du Preez, and this happened. The video says it all, leaving me with little to add,” she wrote.

“You are exposed! And caught in the act.

“It breaks my heart! I’ve watched it over and over again … feeling more like trash each time. Men of South Africa, this happens on [a] regular basis. What are you going to do about it?

“If you see your mate doing this, call them out! Don’t wait for them to get physical with women to call them out.

“Men of South Africa, stop touching us inappropriately!

“To Reyn du Preez’s friends, I thank you for stopping your friend when he continued to insult and humiliate me after touching me inappropriately. I only hope that more can be done next time.”

Van Niekerk could not immediately be reached for comment.

Du Preez is believed to be working abroad and is yet to be reached.

Boss Models said in a statement on Tuesday morning that it had been informed that it was Du Preez in the video and “believed it to be true”.  

“Boss Models unequivocally condemns the behaviour of Reyn du Preez, as displayed in the video that has surfaced on social media. We will not tolerate conduct of this sort and have since terminated our professional relationship with him with immediate effect,” said the agency.

Modelwerk, Du Preez’s other agency, told the news that it also would not tolerate such behaviour. 

“Modelwerk absolutely condemns the acts of Reyn du Preez that were shown online. These actions are unacceptable. Effective immediately, we have terminated our professional relationship with this model.”


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