A Mobile Company Helps Hijacked Barista And Businessman Get Back On His Feet

Bongani Rasmeni was hijacked by 7 men while stuck on the roadside, they took his important work phone. A mobile company heard the story and helped him out.

Bongani Rasmeni owns the coffee company ‘Gugulethu Coffee’. While travelling on the N2 in Cape Town he experienced a flat tyre and stopped on the roadside to change it.

While Bongani was changing the tyre, seven men approached him and robbed him of all his possessions, including the cellphone he used for his business.

“While I was changing my tyre I saw 7 guys coming. I thought to myself, Bongani be cool and give them whatever they want. Even if they wanted the car I would give them – I have kids.” – Bongani Rasmeni, owner of Gugulethu Coffee

Bongani’s phone was a massive asset to his business. He used it to work with customers, received orders via Whatsapp and operated SnapScan from his phone as a payment option. His business was struggling with the loss of the phone.

Product Marketing Director at Huawei SA, Akram Mohammed, heard the story and was moved by it. He arranged for the company to gift Bongani a new Huawei Nova handset. The company gifted Bongani the phone on world coffee day.

“Today we would like to make a little difference in his life by providing by providing him with a handset and a power bank to make sure he is always connected.” – Akram Mohammed, Product Marketing Director at Huawei SA

The gift will help Bongani get back on his feet and his company back in business.


Written by southhow

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