MKP Continues With Legal Charges As They Head to Parliament

Following a legal battle, the uMkhonto WeSizwe Party (MKP) will soon take up seats in the National Assembly.

The party has indicated that they will return to Parliament soon, despite speculation that they may lose seats.

The party emphasized that its participation in Parliament will not detract from their efforts to dispute the election results.

After boycotting the first sitting, the party announced that they will take up their parliamentary seats.

The boycott was a response to the MKP’s claims of rampant vote manipulation in the recent general elections.

Shopola emphasized that the MKP had not lost any parliamentary seats despite the first boycott.

“Those seats belong to the MKP until the next round of elections.”

The party decided to eventually occupy their seats after seeking legal advice and recognizing the importance of being present in the National Assembly to continue their struggle.

Addressing the logistical concerns of the swearing-in ceremony, Shopola stated that the Chief Justice has the ability to determine how it will go.

“They will be sworn in, and the how part will depend on the Chief Justice. It does not have to be ceremonial.”

However, Shopola also highlighted the possibility of a more public swearing-in ceremony, orchestrated out of respect for the MKP’s significant presence in Parliament.

“The Judge might so well ask the Speaker of Parliament to arrange a date where he will come and facilitate the process in the house, especially looking at the fact that they are many. Also, this can be done out of respect to the fact that MKP is the third largest in Parliament.”

JacarandaFM reports that they initially refused to participate in the first parliamentary sitting due to worries over alleged vote manipulation during the last general elections.

The MKP sought an immediate interdict from the Constitutional Court to halt the legislative proceedings, claiming that the election results declared by the Independent Electoral Commission were unconstitutional.

Jacob Zuma’s decision was announced by party spokeswoman Nhlamulo Ndhlela in Johannesburg on Sunday.

“”Unified action is crucial; we can’t afford division when the opposition unites against us. We will keep highlighting the issue of election fraud in Parliament while intensifying legal and constitutional efforts outside.

“We provided the IEC with solid evidence of widespread voting irregularities, but it has been ignored.”

According to Ndhlela, the party sent tangible proof to the IEC, which was allegedly ignored.

Their peaceful endeavors to seek remedy, including visiting the Constitutional Court, were futile.

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