Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi Joins Fight Against GBV In #MyBodyStandUp Challenge

It’s sometimes hard to keep up with the latest online challenges, some disappearing into obscurity once they go viral.

But some online challenges have purpose, encouraging followers to add their voices to a cause and amplify social injustices.

As the country observes 16 Days of Activism, now is as good a time as any to join the fight against gender based violence.

TikTok’s #MyBodyStandUp challenge was recently launched in collaboration with 1st for Women to raise awareness around GBV.

It sits at just over 730K with more users jumping on board.

The challenge accompanies a newly released track created by award-winning singer Lira, electronic group GoodLuck, former Jamali member Mariechan and rapper Gigi Lamayne, called My Body.

Our very own Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi has joined the call to action. A fierce activist for GBV survivors, Tunzi uses her platform for talking about issues that hit closer to home.

Every time the track is streamed, downloaded or bought, all proceeds go towards the 1st for Women Foundation which supports gender-based violence eradication programmes in South Africa.

As something close to Tunzi’s heart, she is calling on TikTok users to make their contribution and support the cause.

In her video, she encourages users to stream the message to contribute to the 1st for Women Foundation which has been helping victims and survivors of abuse.

“By streaming this powerful anthem that teaches themes such as boundaries and consent, you will be contributing towards the 1st for Women Foundation in the fight against women abuse,” said Tunzi.


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