Minnie Dlamini Postpones Honeymoon

Minnie Dlamini

From buying a house to the production of Becoming Mrs Jones, Minnie Dlamini has been a lady on the move.

With all these going on for her, their honeymoon had to be postponed.

Minnie got married to Quinton in a lavish wedding on September, and are just now beginning to settle.

The two have officially moved into their new home which is estimated to be worth R 4million. The couple is said to be very happy and enjoying life together.

“Minnie and Quinton sold their homes and bought a bigger one together in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. The pair is very private and only a few close friends and family have been invites to their home. Minnie has learned that she can’t trust many people on her life. Ever since her wedding gown pictures were leaked she is not taking chances on new relationships,” a source revealed.

Minnie Dlamini

Minnie’s wedding was to be kept private, until her documentary aired, but someone leaked the images to the public.

Minnie is back to work and was spotted hosting the KFC Taste Kitchen finale last Friday.

The first episode of her 3-part wedding documentary is set to air on Friday the 13th.


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