Michael Jackson Born Again- This Autistic 8 Year Old Nailed MJ’s Moves

shocked asian woman

Someone has finally stepped up to fill the void, the giant hole in our hearts, that appeared when Michael Jackson died. It’s not The Weeknd, Chris Brown, or any other celebrity with smooth moves or a high pitched voice. It’s none other than William Ryan. You haven’t heard of him?

William is an 8-year-old boy with autism. He’s stealing MJ’s moves, and our hearts. You’re going to want to check him out.

boy with autism performs thriller wins contest

William was taking place in a competition that was being held by Aspects Holiday, which is a cottage leasing agency. Aspects Holidays placed webcams outside of their offices in the town of St. Ives in England. The rules of the competition were for people to come out and dance in front of these cameras. The participant the company felt had the best dance moves were to be given a prize

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