Mi Casa Vocalist J’Something Talks About Their Latest Album ‘We Made It’

Award-winning music group Mi Casa just released their latest album, “We Made It”.

Mi Casa vocalist J’Something spoke to us about it. 

First off how have you been?

I have been blessed. Heart broken at the current reality we find ourselves in, its a tough moment for humanity, but I believe in every trial lies a great lesson. I’m everyday more aware of the many reasons to be grateful. I have been with my family, in the comfort of our home, and food on the table.

Tell me about We Made It, what was the inspiration behind it?

It’s a body of work that was dug from a very deep place. It stands for the ability to be persistence in your pursuit and essentially fight for the things you love. Its a project that for me is the best body of work we have ever made. We needed to fight some serious demons with this one, we were stuck in a serious comfort zone, but we made it stands for the pride in our fight to not give up.

Is there a particular theme and if so why?

I guess there is a thread of hardship, the fight there in, and then the result, love. I typical journey of many relationships, but lyrically this is the most honest Ihave been.

How did you approach the writing process?

I needed to be real, with myself. I needed to be able to be myself in Mi Casa. I feel like I have finally found my identity in Mi Casa, it’s a weird one to explain, but the sound we had in the beginning was not necessarily my sound, it was what was popular and we did our interpretation of it. 

But house music, although it’s definitely in my top 3 genres to listen too, it was not what I was about. As a songwriter, it wasn’t really about the story in the song, it was about having a story that could connect with people that want to dance and party. 

Now this is a very different type of song writing, this you really need to think of others, you need to think in mass, obviously within house you can make music that is more laid back and made for those afternoon drives, and kicking it in the kitchen. 

Main point is, the success of Mi Casa and us becoming pop, we then began to write with that in mind, if you wanna play in the pop game, then you better understand it. I just feel like with this album, we broke away from the chains or the box we found ourselves in. 

We collectively love music, we never want to be restricted to a certain tempo, this album is us without chains. Its the sound of a free Mi Casa. 

How would you describe the lyrical content?

Each song has such a special meaning to me. I am very vulnerable when it comes to my writing style. 

I feel like if we were a little bit more vulnerable in our expressions as artist we can really connect with people, and for me it was important I found myself in my music for a change, so the writing is personal but yet honest, which I believe is what we need more. 

For us to talk about our feelings, because we are all human. The whole project is written from an authentic place, what you hear is what i think.

In terms of its sound, how would you define it?

It’s a Mi Casa without borders, a big house you just get lost in. There is a room for everybody. In general though, tempo wise its a lot slower, and swingier than before. Its seriously groovy and the horns are next level. Its a fresh sound, nothing like it in our opinion, if we may. 

Which track means the most to you and why?

There is a track called Mamela, it’s a song that stands for when one of the most trying times in my life. The song is a story about a man and a woman facing an extremely tricky situation and they find their hope in dreaming of a getaway. They escape their reality in their day dream. Its an incredible love story. 

What do you hope people take away from this album?

We have been together for ten years as a band. 

This album is a statement, we made it. We pushed through hardship, we stood firm in our sound, we stood for music and positivity, we fought for the band we love and here we are, feeling blessed to be able to present our best album ever, ten years later. 

There is a blessing on the other side of your hardships, push through. If you breathing, say I made it.

How does it compare to your previous albums?

Each album is different to me, I believe that for most of our fans they have their set of memories for each album, each album had their special songs, but this album, “We Made It”, it freed me from the chains. It’s hard to describe. It lifted me. I feel like it somewhat fixed me.

This period has been very difficult for artists, how have you been surviving it?

We carry on looking for opportunities on how to adapt to this new age we in. We continue staying positive and we most definitely stay releasing music to our people, to give us all a reason to smile, to dance, to feel lifted. Music is a gift, to us all.

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