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For Men Only: How To Properly Shave Your Testicles (Video)

Winter Shaving tips for Men – How to Guide

Most guys shave their ‘package’ and I applaud them for that but not all shave their testicles. The neglect it for fear of cutting or mistakenly nipping it and I can understand. But don’t worry, Open is here to educate you on how to go about it.

Testicle Shaving Steps

1. Take down some of the length (bulk) of the hair with a facial hair grooming tool. Start with the attachment on.

2. Get in warm shower and let the steam start working. Use soap which provides a nice glide without being clumpy and you can see what you’re doing. Don’t use shaving cream because it’s all over the place.

3. Use a sharp razor. If it’s good enough for a vagina, it’s good enough for testicles. It’s the best for manscaping. Shave the base of the penis – hold it and go down & all around.

4. Afterward, pull testicles up toward your body. Hold scrotum tight to body and use short strokes down and to the side. Be careful near the ‘seam’ of the testicles.

5. Wash off and you’re good to go! No aftershave or powder.


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