Men Beware!! 7 Types Of Women That Could Literally Kill You Before Your Time

The life of a man is filled with certain complexities, and his everyday life is geared towards making money, making a tough decision and catering for the basic needs of his family. Men tend to worry about these things, and it doesn’t help the blood pressure as he gets older.

Women tend to live longer than men, most especially when they are married. Why is this so? Why do married women tend to have a longer lifespan than married men?

There’s a kind of woman that you’ll get married to and feel at peace in your home, but there is the kind that will literally kill you before your time.

1. The drama queen

The life of a drama queen is one filled with anything other than peace; she’d cause troubles at the slightest instance and bring down the roof at the slightest provocation. She’s dramatic in every way, and almost impossible to live with.

2. The one who complain about everything

The woman who rarely appreciates anything you do for her, but is quick to complain about everything you don’t do is another kind that you should be wary of. Your mind will never find peace in such a marriage.

3. The one who’s never satisfied

Getting married to a woman who wants everything and isn’t satisfied with what she has will certainly wreck you in every way that you can imagine.

4. The woman who spend more than you earn

A good wife is also a good manager; she’ll manage your home and your finances very well, and you’ll feel at ease when your finances are right. A bad wife will bring your finance down, and no matter how hard you work, you wouldn’t see the effect of your hard work.

5. The flirty woman

The flirty woman is never to be trusted. She’d want to have a taste of your friend, your neighbour and even your brother. She just can’t be satisfied with one man.

6. The self-centred woman

A self-centred woman wouldn’t care about you until her needs are met; all she thinks about is one person — herself.

7. The disrespectful woman

A woman who doesn’t respect you is probably the worst of them all. You’d be disregarded and treated as nothing, no matter what you do. She’d make you feel inferior and treat you like a piece of rag.


These kinds of women are dangerous to be with, and tying the knot with them might be the same thing as laying your deathbed.


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