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For Men: 5 Things You Should Stop Doing To Your Hair Now!

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Men love taking good care of their hair every time they see themselves in the mirror. It’s like a reflex that they always feel the need to touch their hair to make sure their hairstyle looks neat.

And we don’t blame them for doing that but the only problem with this is that they unintentionally are making their hair greasy. There are more such habits that make your scalp oily while you blaming other things for it. I tell you how you are making your hair greasy.

Washing Your Hair With Hot Water: It is difficult to wash your hair with cold water in winters but washing hair with hot water will only destroy your hair roots. Hot water makes your scalp extremely dry making the sebaceous glands produce oil more actively.

Using A Lot Of Conditioner: You only need a few drops of conditioner on your scalp. An overuse of conditioner results in greasy hair.

Using Too Many Styling Products: It is good to use hair products that help you style your hair differently but again, these products have chemicals and if you use too much of chemicals, your hair is bound to become greasy.

Using Dirty Hair Combs And Brushes: Over a period of time, our hair combs and brushes get dirty and oily. And when you use the same brush, then obviously, your hair will get greasy. So, make sure that you clean your hair combs and brushes regularly.

Touching Your Hair Too Often: This is what you have to stop doing. By touching your hair, you transfer sweat from your hands to the hair and that makes your scalp oily.



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