For Men: Here are 4 Female Qualities that Will Always Matter Aside Beauty


When the thrill of that her beauty wears off, what are the tings that are going to keep you with her?

That beauty you see now might be fascinating, but beauty is never enough.

When the daze wears off, what are the tings that are going to keep you both together?

When the daze of that babe’s beauty fades off, what else will matter enough to hold you bound to her?

A “deal-with-it” attitude

As much we want women that are emotional and ‘womanly’ in the sense that they allow us act like knights in shining armor on some occasions, we still like ladies who can take care of themselves to a large extent.

Nobody wants to constantly be a cheerleader because his babe is always too emotional and every little thing takes the wind out of her sail.

Someone who’s willing to sacrifice

Finding a lady who is not selfish might be a tad difficult, really, given how a number of them have been programmed to always be on the receiving end when it comes to relationships – money and gifts readily comes to mind here.

Get yourself someone who’s willing to sacrifice (Spycelebs UK)

Guys want to find someone who is willing to compromise, to sacrifice more than once in a while and not be all about receiving all the time and giving boxers, singlets and those rubbish gifts on Valentine’s Day and maybe Christmas time. [Of course, if that’s what you really can afford, it’s totally OK and well appreciated.]

Someone who has an opinion

You want someone who knows what they want. Who has a well-defined opinion, and can speak for themselves from time to time

 When you ask what would you like to do, the lady who always says ”let’s do whatever you want to do” will soon become too boring and uninteresting to any guy.

Men love a woman who can totally handle herself. (Bitchyonline)

By the way, this extends to sexual relations too. What’s stopping you from telling him to do exactly that thing you usually enjoy, instead of waiting for him to guess or stumble upon it?

She’s not afraid to tell you the truth

We want someone who is nice to us, but never a “yes woman.”

Being honest with someone you love, especially when they did wrong, isn’t always an easy thing to do, but in a relationship, it is highly needed.


Written by How South Africa

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