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Men: 3 Foods That Are Affecting Your Erect!on…. Avoid Eating Them Now!!

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A lagging s*xual drive, as well as poor erect!on can be the result of what you have been eating and still eats although it is not always about the food but other factors like psychological, hormonal factors can also affect erect!on.

Ever found out that you can’t get your erect!on up when your partner is in the mood or you can’t get back on after just one round? something that can actually ruin your relationship especially if your girl is the type that enjoys s*x a lot, well, it might be because of what you ate earlier on.

Here are 3 foods that may be affecting your s*xual performance.

1. Taking sugary foods or drinks: There is a saying everywhere that sugar is your enemy, that saying is so true. Sugar does not have anything good to offer you than harm you especially your s*x life. “Have you ever had that embarrassing experience where your d!ck just refuses to charge when you need it most, it is called “Sugar Crash”. Sugar can crash your libido as well as erect!ion without notice and cause you embarrassment during s*x.

2. Eating fried foods: Every article on s*xual health always note it that fried foods will not do your s*x life any favour, trans fats that are in fried foods decreases male and female libido and also causes abnormal sp*rm production as well as misses with male gestation. So if you want a great s*x life stay away from fried foods.

3. Eating processed Carbohydrate: Refined carbohydrates like pasta, cereal etc are bad for your s*xual life because of the refined carbs in it which will decrease your testosterone levels while the sugar from those foods can make you gain weight, raise your estrogen levels too.



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