Meet Vocal Eyez, Cape’s New All-Girl Rap Group


Look out boys, there’s a new crew on the male-dominated Cape Town hip hop scene.

Meet the new all-girl rap group, Vocal Eyez.

When the five ladies met at a cypher (freestyle) session in Cape Town late last year, they had no idea their lyrical and rhyming skills would take off in such a short space of time.

The group consists of Louise Nicholls, from Strandfontein, Zintle Phalele from the Eastern Cape, Charin Schuller from Maitland, Marshalene van Wyk from Kuils River and Lebo Doubata from Limpopo, ranging in age from 21 to 27.

Charin says the group aims to empower women in the hip hop industry.

“Males dominated the hip hop scene since the ’90s, but women are approaching the mic at a fast rate these days,” she says.


“We are here because we want to be heard and break the animosity between males and females in the industry.”

Before meeting at an all-female cypher session held in Cape Town, the motormouth rappers were each performing solo at any chance they got.

Vocal Eyez was formed in November and, although they are just two months old, are already in demand.

Their manager Laverne Maart, 26, from Hanover Park, says the group has created magic since they met.

“I didn’t know any of these ladies before the cypher session I was part of in November,” she says.

“Strangely, they were the only five women who showed up for the cypher session and from there on, we all decided to be friends and create the group Vocal Eyez.

“There was instant magic from day one and still they are going strong.”

The group’s style incorporates hip hop, poetry, blues, reggae and Afro soul.

“We are going to upload new music soon on our Soundcloud page, Facebook and YouTube.”

They are currently busy on their own material and request readers to follow their Facebook page (Vocal Eyez) for more details on their appearances and music.

Lyrics to one of the songs they are working read:

“Witnessed dreams killed and futures crushed by senseless acts in the projects,

“A community riddled with poverty and hatred, the first thing you teach your kids is to watch their backs,

“Everywhere you step there’s someone waiting to claim your place, knock you off your spot,

“Growing up I just wanted to leave the projects, just wanted to run and never make the mistake made by the wife of Lot,

“Coz looking back will get you stuck on one place,

“We’re all flowers that grew from the concrete, but how many of us will make it out to see a better life living in a glass vase?”


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