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Meet Timothy Ray Brown, The Only Living Evidence Of An HIV Cure

Timothy Ray Brown – the main known individual to be cured of HIV – thought a cure was sci-fi when his specialist raised the thought 10 years before.

Presently Brown is the only  fellow for vanquishing HIV and is talking at the University of Cape Town on Monday evening to help people living with HIV

“I would prefer not to be the only person cured of HIV. It is a desolate place,” said the man referred to as first  “Berlin Patient”.

The dangerous medicines he got for leukemia, which additionally dispensed HIV from his body, are excessively unsafe, making it impossible to test on other individuals with HIV however his case exhibited that a cure is conceivable.

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When I met Annie Lennox I stated: ‘Greetings, I’m Timothy Ray Brown’, and she stated: ‘I know your identity. I know every little thing about you’,” said the American, who has been shot with Hollywood performing artist Sharon Stone and met Harry Belafonte.

The 51-year-old stated: “No one needs to experience what I experienced, when I had a half [chance] of not surviving the bone-marrow transplants, but rather I am cured of leukemia and HIV.”

February 7 2007 was the last time Brown, who was discovered to have HIV in 1995, took antiretrovirals. He didn’t need the life-sparing medications to meddle with the cells

He won’t not have been given this decision of ceasing ARVs in the US for moral reasons. “My cure couldn’t have occurred in the US and the therapeutic protection framework is truly terrible,” he said.

For about three months after Brown’s first transplant, the HIV viral load soared in his body and then effectively disappeared as his doctor Gero Hütter had planned when selecting the donor.

Brown knew something was up when he noticed at the gym that he was building muscle again after being wasted from HIV.

By June 2007 he was back at work and his immunity was rising. But his leukaemia recurred, prompting a second bone-marrow transplant in 2008. In recovery, his sight was temporarily impaired, he could hardly walk and could not drive.

“I thought my mind was normal but I started mumbling and the doctors thought I may have leukaemia in my brain. They decided to do a brain biopsy and that’s when they found out I had neither leukaemia nor HIV,” he said.

“The brain is one place where HIV likes to hide in reservoirs. This proved I did not have HIV in my body at all.”


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