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Meet The South Africa’s Own “Clifton Cavemen,” The Local Men Staying Beneath The Most Expensive Estate In Capetown

Its a fact that deprivation is the most concerned issue in South Africa today. South Africans infrequently even overlook that it is an issue.

The most minimal level is that of being a destitute, not notwithstanding having a modest room or even a perpetual lounge chair to call your home. No showers, bowls or even toilets, certainly no kitchen to cook a feast or parlor to unwind in. No home more likely than not implies no activity.

In South Africa estimates show that there are around 200 000 homeless people.

South Africa’s own “Clifton Cavemen,” a group of homeless men have called these caves their home for over 13 years, constantly facing evictions and theft. Dan Mokopiane and others tell the heartbreaking story of their struggles. Living in a cave in an area where the average house price is R45 million.


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